Free Floral Phone Wallpapers • Summer Collection

There's nothing I love photographing more than beautiful petals and I want to share some of my favourite images I have taken over the Summer for you to enjoy as a phone wallpaper.

Take your pick or download them all! There is a light and bright version of each.

Free floral phone wallpapers

Click on any of the images to download your free wallpaper and I'd love you to tweet me, tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you use them, I adored seeing the photos of people's phones and the Spring Collection set

I also have a special vintage rose wallpaper exclusively for my subscribers. It will be going out on Friday in the next issue of Captured so sign up to receive yours.

Have a happy week full of floral love everyone. I have the orange Dahlia on my phone at the moment!

A Birthday Abroad • The Importance of Family

We have spent the last 2 and a bit weeks in the Spanish hills in a little place outside Altea. 2 weeks of sunshine, swimming pools, sea shores and family.

It has been hectic and I wouldn't have it any other way. Last week my sister Natalie, my brother in law Andrew and niece Yasmin joined us from the UK and the next day my brother Patrick and sister in law Carlotta flew from New York to London to Alicante!

9 sets of shoes at the door of my in laws house, 9 plates at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 9 sets of booming voices laughing and chatting into the early hours. Well make that 6, we tried to get the kids in bed for 7!

I loved it. I love the noise, the games in the pool, the meals, the stories. It reminds me of family Christmas' where you sometimes had to be the loudest to be heard. In a week Sammy learnt to swim, Yasmin learnt to say Uncle (she's had Auntie down for sometime) and Ollie warmed to his little cousin instead of protecting his toys from her chubby hands!

I loved sitting on the patio, not realising it's gone midnight, knowing the children are all safe asleep upstairs and breathing in that hot humid air that just sets in your memory bank as the smell and taste of Summer holidays. Like the moment you step off the plane and are hit with a wall of heat.

And it was the week I turned 33. And the memories of my 30th came rushing back. I was sent upstairs (just like 3 years ago) and could hear cackling and giggling and a balloon popping as they decorated the house ready for the morning. I had no idea Natalie and Carlotta were still awake at 2am baking cupcakes - now if that isn't love I don't know what is!

birthday decorations

I woke up to the most beautiful breakfast, complete with petals in the strawberries, mismatched bottles and cups full of flowers from around the grounds and gallons full of confetti. The Pretty Little Party Shop kindly sent some wonderful decorations, party napkins, cups, straws, all sorts! I adore the fringe garland and have saved it to tie to a huge balloon another time!

Birthday decorations

Spoilt. Rotten.

Birthday decorations
confetti balloons
birthday cupcakes
birthday breakfast
birthday girl
photo booth diy
birthday breakfast
birthday decorations
confetti cupcakes
confetti cupcakes
confetti balloons

After a FaceTime with my Mum back in the UK and a very happy present opening, we all got ready to head to the Fonts D'Algar about 10 minutes from the house. I have always been jealous of our family who have visited the Fonts and desperately wanted to see them for myself.

fonts d'Algar
fonts d'algar

It was stunning. Bright pink flowers lines the sides of the meandering river, with little brooks flowing with crystal clear waters around each corner. Lagoons which transported you to the Brooke Shields film The Blue Lagoon and crossings in the shallow water which made my brother burst into lines from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. 

fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar

The water was chilly, but invigorating and armed with one of my birthday presents, an underwater cover for my iPhone, we braved the waters and headed to the waterfall.


Just stunning and it makes you scream with laughter for no reason! You want to hold your arms in the air and lean back but the water is so tremendously powerful it tips you like a feather falling back into the water!

The best birthday present was seeing Sammy jump off a board about 10ft in the air. What a boy! And my sister was brave enough too!

fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar
fonts d'algar

We totally missed lunchtime and headed home hours later than planned with exhausted children, one of them full of pride for his big jump, and lazed around the pool, with the boys making "experiments" before heading into the old town for tapas.


As it turns out tapas and tired children don't mix! We bustled them into the car after dinner and home to bed, before a quick cocktail and collapsed into our own beds! How the girls were still awake I don't know!

That's all I wanted. To be with my family. To share an experience.

We had a lovely week with my in laws who flew in as my family all flew home and I made the most of sunny days in awe of Sammy swimming underwater like a fish and Ollie suddenly gaining the confidence to abandon the rubber ring and use armbands. It may not sound like much of an achievement but already I can see he could be swimming without them in a couple of months.

I have something important to post about now we are home, which many of you may already have heard about. Something that you can help me with. But I want to make sure I can share it with as many people as possible. So instead of hoping the wifi didn't crash out, and the boys gave me time to sit at the laptop (which was tricky as we need to watch them in the pool obviously) I want to you ear mark the beginning of next week as your week of good deeds. And if you get a minute read this. #LoomtotheMoon.

Because at the end of a day, it's your family you love the most with all your heart and I felt very loved last week. Time to pay it forward. 

#capturingcolour • Pink

A week of perfect pinks was right up my street! I couldn't wait for a week of pink and it seems all of you couldn't either! 

We had an amazing amount of happy snappers join in in last week with #capturingcolour on Instagram filling my feeds with beautiful soft baby pinks, bright cerise and everything in between.

This was my week of pink.

capturing colour pink
capturing colour pink

And these just leapt out at me! This week I loved...

capturing colour

L to R: @onetinyleap@seasidelucy@hattydaze, @fashionyfab, @sonyacisco, @saraho249, @emmiekhall, @locavintage and @lucy_inthe_papersky.

So with Summer holidays and children off school we have something different for August. A RAINBOW month of colour and an opportunity to get your littler ones involved.

Share your colourful photos with the hashtag #capturingcolour and let your children get behind the lens and show us what they capture with #kidscapturingcolour. Let's paint the internet bright with every hue of the rainbow.

#capturingcolour is a weekly Instagram hashtag hosted by My Two MumsMaybush StudioSorry About The MessReal Housewife of Suffolk and Shutterflies head over to their blogs to see what they have captured this week. 

Show us your rainbow brights for the month of August! 

Me and Mine - A Family Portrait Project July

Back in April we thought we had found our dream house. But we hadn't. It was a temporary lust and we are so happy fate took over.

July has been the month of certainty. Certainty that we have exchanged and secured our dream forever house, assurance that Sammy has a school place to start in September and Ollie a new pre school and total confidence that we are buying the right house.

We have said goodbye to Sammy's beloved school this month. We watched him proudly hand out his little end of term treats and our hearts ached listening to all his pals saying their goodbyes and wishing him luck at his new school.

end of term

He had a final scoot around the playground like king of the school, had some photos with his chums, hugged goodbye his favourite Year 6 friend who had become his mentor, adorned in her signed t-shirt, (Who else remembers that ritual?!) and we headed for dinner on the beach!

capture by lucy
school days
school days
capture by lucy

We've had one last viewing on the new house this month, taking my in laws to visit for the first time and it was wonderful seeing them love and appreciate the house as much as we do. At one point as we were walking around the garden my mother in law hugged me and giddily said "Oh I am so excited for you all!" And that's how we feel every time we have been there.

This final few weeks as we wait to hear a completion date feels like torture and it may mean Sammy and I have to spend a couple of weeks in a B&B so that he can start school with all the new Year 1 children. But it will all be worth it in the end.

Having a blog is a wonderful way to journal our move and I thought a little video before we get the house officially, would be a nice little tradition to start. I think I will take one on moving in day too.

Turn the volume down - for some reason every time I upload it the audio is dreadful! I've almost lost the will to live!

Music Credit: Philip Philips - Home

capture by lucy

Now I've shown you me and mine, it's your turn to show me you and yours. Link up your family snap from July with all of us. Can you believe this project has been running for 18 months! I love seeing how we are all changing. Older, wiser and one of us has lost a tooth ;)

Pop over to Katie's blog to see her happy family, tanned and refreshed from their Summer holidays. There's a milestone in their house too, a super cute one is walking! 

dear beautiful

Ideas with Chalk Paint • Featuring Laura Ashley

The boys are getting so excited about moving to our new house and giddy about growing our own vegetables in the vegetable patch through the gate from the “secret garden”. I love that they have already commandeered this affectionate name for the part of the garden that meanders behind the tool shed. 

vegetable patch

It’s a magical childhood memory in the making, that made us fall in love with the house the moment we viewed it. The boys understand where vegetables come from, they appreciate you need to eat healthy food to keep you big and strong and I know come rain or shine, we will be donning our wellingtons and heading to our little garden allotment to see what we can eat for dinner that week.

To keep their excitement alive whilst we painfully wait for the contracts to complete in September, I thought of an easy craft idea that requires imagination and fun using the new Laura Ashley Chalk Paint we were sent. A play tray!

chalk paint idea

We painted a plastic tomato plant tray which you can find at any DIY or hardware store with a layer of chalk paint and left it to dry. The paint is easy to apply, “not too drippy” in Sammy’s words and gives an even coverage of a rich black colour and smooth texture. 

chalk paint craft
chalk paint craft
chalk paint craft
chalk paint craft
knitted vegetables

We then added chalk drawn trees for the knitted apples, leaves to add to the lettuce ‘ready to pick’ and labelled our pickings with some spoon garden tags made from wooden spoons painted with a layer of chalk paint! An easy and simple idea for little ones to join in with.

chalk paint craft
chalk paint craft
knitted vegetables

We love that we can just wipe it clean and start all over again, with brown chalk mud! That was Ollie’s favourite bit.

chalk paint craft
chalk paint craft

As soon as we move in we are going to add our labels to all the lovely real fruits and vegetables just waiting for my mini gardeners to tend to and enjoy.

You could also turn your play tray into an easy DIY car or train track too!

laura ashley chalk paint

This post first appeared on the Laura Ashley blog along with some other fab craft ideas with chalk paint. Check them out here.

Araminta Flowers Part 2

Earlier in the year I had a dream photography assignment for a new florist Araminta Flowers based in Basingstoke.

The aim of the photo shoot was to give Marian a bank of content for her new website (which I will link you to as soon as it's live) and images she can share on her social media and for marketing and events.

We had a wonderful day and I was lucky enough to be invited back for another day's shoot this week to capture her wedding bouquets and everlasting arrangements and posies.

purple wedding flowers
Orange wedding flowers
Wedding table centrepiece
Burgundy wedding flowers
Autumn wedding flower ideas
pink wedding flowers

I love that Araminta offers brides and arrangement lovers a mix of real and faux flowers. I made my Mum's wedding flowers a few years ago and we used a beautiful selection of silk flowers. 

Silk flower wedding bouquet
silk flower wedding bouquet
Pink wedding flowers

Of course the Dahlias's and blowsy real roses stole my heart and we were so lucky with the hazy Summer sunny weather, that we could shoot everything under a tree in Marian's garden.

Wedding centrepiece
Pink wedding flowers

I have never been surrounded by so many incredible flowers, buckets of wild flowers Marian had sourced from a flower farm locally and rainbow colours everywhere I looked.

wild flowers
floral photographer
Wedding flower ladder
Silver wedding bouquet
Tea cup flowers
Pink wedding flowers

A blissful days work with a firm new friend!

#capturingcolour • Silver

Well what a sparkly, glittery week! Thank you everyone for joining in this project!

When My Two Mums invited me to join this group of colour loving bloggers and start a new community on Instagram I was thrilled.

I love colour, I love photographing colour so #capturingcolour has been a dream project.

And it seems lots of you love it too! I am over the moon at how quickly the community has grown with Instagrammers tagging their photos all through the day and night! It's great to see people sharing their photos with such an encouraging group from all over the world.

This was my week of silver. 

#capturingcolour silver

And these were some of my favourites from you all!

Silver favourites.jpg
#capturingcolour silver

L to R: @cariemay, @kitpatlecter, @onedad3girls, @letstalkmommy, @ladyfarleyb, @tamingtwins, @lilyandfrank, @cheetahsinmyshoes, @essexkate

Well done everyone - your images really caught my eye!

This week we are capturing PINK! Yippee one of my favourites! And then we have a special idea for the Summer holiday period in August which we will let you know next week.

So get snapping, get sharing, check out other people's beautiful galleries and find some more like minded souls to follow.

Happy days!

Don't forget to check out the other hosts Real Housewife of Suffolk, Maybush Studio, Sorry About The Mess and Shutterflies and follow @caputuring_colour on Instagram.

You can find me on Instagram here. I post a lot ;)

Check out my other #capturingcolour round ups by clicking on the images below...

The perfect desk for a big kid's room • Featuring Habitat

When we moved from our last house, the house we bought the boys home from hospital to, Ollie was still in his baby nursery filled with woodland creatures and owls of every description and Sammy had upgraded from his cot bed to a bed with no sides in preparation for a single bed once we had moved. But his room decor was still the nautical nursery he'd had as a tiny baby.

I have never been a huge fan of character themed bedrooms, the worry and pain of spending lots of money updating their duvets and accessories every couple of years as they fall out of love with the latest superhero has never appealed! Instead I'd like them to be involved in curating their own room, with the precious toys they have treasured since birth, little pieces passed down from grandparents and things we spot on our travels.

One of Sammy's wish list items for his new room when we complete on our forever house in the Autumn is a big boy desk. Somewhere to colour, to craft and to complete homework now he'll be a bigger boy in Year 1.


Their set of school desks have been stored away in the garage, in readiness for their new bedroom. They are great because you can store all sorts inside them for rainy days but also have enough surface space to add some desk essentials.

Habitat lamp

The boys were sent a lovely lamp from Habitat's new collection of affordable, beautifully designed pieces. Perfect for a big boy desk! And it comes in bubblegum pink too.

Habitat lamp

We've fallen in the trap of collecting huge amounts of arts and crafts odds and end, plastic boxes of hardened play do and old pages of stickers that have all stuck together, but really you just need these:

  • A box of paper. Plain paper and let their imagination do the rest. We keep theirs in my Granny's suitcase so it doesn't get dog eared before it's used.
  • Colouring pencils. Sammy is showing so much enthusiasm for writing and independent art work after a year at school and pencils make him feel grown up! I steep clear of felt tips because no matter how careful they appear to be they always end up on clothes and on the carpet!
  • A tin for little things. Is anyone else's house littered with Loom bands and Lego?! I need to keep these tiny things contained! My boys are like magpies and love little tins to carry around their special collections. There's always a stone in there or a feather!
  • Stencils, stamps and old greetings cards. Old birthday or Christmas cards make perfect craft supplies and they are free!
  • A craft jar. Slim down and make up a jar of a pair of safety scissors, glue stick, glitter, brushes and replace them as they get used or worn out. 
  • Activity books. We love any sort of dot to dot, quiz book or activity worksheets. Great for traveling and rainy days alike, plus they seem to be never ending! Something the boys can pick up and put down when they fancy.
What to put on a child's desk

I can't wait to see their desk set up in situ. As they will be sharing a room the two desks are perfect for side by side crafting and creating and I got them for £50 secondhand! I might paint them a bright red as I love the idea of lots of colour in their bedroom.

The green lamp would really pop against the desk and they can't fail to be inspired to be creative at their new desk space.

craft supplies
habitat lamp

I love that Habitat are bringing out a collection of pieces for the more conservative budget. One day it would be great to have a house full of their beautiful furniture but being able to buy something more affordable, but that doesn't compromise on their signature contemporary design, is perfect for now. 

Habitat lamp

Salcombe • Glorious Great Britain

When the weather is delightful there is no where better in the world than beautiful Britain.

If you want dreamy blue seas, picturesque lagoons and happy family snaps on the beach then just jump in the car and head for an adventure!

Yesterday, we should have been sorting a hot stuffy garage, but we decided to abandon the sensible plans and whizz off to Salcombe in Devon. A beautiful part of the world that's teaming with bunting, festival cheer all year round and the most stunning coast line, with rivers and seas peppered with bright shiny yachts and weathered coloured sailing boats, bobbing in the breeze.


We packed a car picnic and headed off at 12.30, getting to the town for the post lunchtime rush and missing all the traffic. The boys had a snooze in the car, Sammy made us all a loom band (THE BEST TRAVEL TOY IDEA ON THE PLANET) and we stopped at the first beach we saw opposite The Winking Prawn beach restaurant at North Sands beach. The restaurant has been at the beach for over 17 years and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Salcombe The Winking Prawn
The Winking Prawn
North Sands Salcombe

Bright pink umbrellas shelter happy tourists and locals from the sunshine and spots of Salcombe Dairy ice cream splatter the route from the ice cream truck to the beach steps, as little ones struggle to lick their ice creams fast enough!

We hadn't planned for a full day on a beach so without towels or swimming shorts we rolled up the shorts and paddled amongst the families on holiday playing beach cricket in the low tide. I loved people watching as the boys climbed on the rocks to get a better view of the swimmers. Older couples reading papers, groups of teenagers on post exam celebrations, children making new friends.

After getting our toes properly wet in a English sea for the first time this Summer (Friday night's beach trip to Weston super Mare was more mud than sea!) we jumped back in the car and found a parking space on one of the steep side streets and headed for a wander into the town.


The brightly coloured bunting makes everyday feel like the Queen is coming to visit and there are scores of "boaty" boutiques and brands to entice you to embrace the nautical look! 

I heard a voice shout Lucy and turned around to see a work contact of mine from my property job, who is lucky enough to have a house walking distance from the town centre. We had a lovely catch up, met each other's families and picked up some recommendations for our final few of hours exploring.


We walked the length of the town, stopped in Cranch's Sweet Shop for treats and then mooched up to the Ferry Inn where we hopped on the small ferry boat to the beach on the other side of the harbour. 

Cranch Sweet Shop Salcombe
Salcombe ferry

It's surreal lying on a golden sandy beach with scores of yachts sailing by with rolling hills and cows as a backdrop. Salcombe has the best of everything!

We couldn't say no to the boys who were desperate to play in the sea so we stripped them to their pants and let them get wet! It was s snapshot of our holiday to Spain in 10 days. This year I can see those two getting lost in their own little world together, making up games on the shore line and gaining confidence in the water. This is the Summer Sammy is desperate to lose the armbands and learn to swim. He's almost there, it's wonderful to watch.


The Venus beach cafe at the top of the hill sells drinks and snacks and a small selections of beach toys and with a toilet block next door we and a quick pit stop before heading back to the jetty and catching the ferry back before they stop at 6.30pm.


As the boys were worn out and a little sandy (as well as pant less) we decided to jump back in the car and head a little closer to home for dinner. We drove through Kingsbridge and spotted The Crabshell Inn, a family friendly beach house come pub on the quayside. There's an adults terrace upstairs and an abundance of wooden picnic tables over looking the water as well as a beautifully decorated inside restaurant for wet days.

The children's food was freshly cooked, a portion large enough for a teenager and not a nugget in sight. There were so many delicious things on the menu and I couldn't resist the Devon crab cocktail and a gigantic salad to balance out the rosé and ice cream!

crabshell inn.jpg
crabshell inn
Crabshell inn

We left as the sun was still warm, as scores of families with older children arrived for an evening with friends and drove through Totnes to find the only little store open for an ice cream on the way home. There were lots of vintage shops I'd definitely like to visit during opening hours!

The boys slept on the way home and we all collapsed into bed, still a little sandy, full and happy just after 9.30pm. Don't you just love throwing school routines out of the window?!


Have you been to Salcombe? Where would you recommended we go next time we visit?

Linking up with #theordinarymoments and #CountryKids

Yumbox • Simple Bento Ideas • #bentobabies

When it comes to Bento, the Yumbox bento boxes are the bees knees, so when the lovely company got in touch and asked me to try out their new boxes I jumped at the chance. 

I love using silicone baking cups but it does get sticky and definitely messy on a bumpy ride in a school bag on the way home from pick up. So the pre divided plastic insert is a life saver! And it goes in the dishwasher. I've tested the Yumbox and even after shaking the fruit smoothies do not leak!

I like to make bento simple and fun. I have exactly 5 minutes to put the boys lunches together in the morning so easy ideas are always winners for me. 

I raid their little figures instead of cutting out intricate designs and have lost a fight numerous times with alphabet cutters that I prefer to use the little coloured picks instead! 

So here are a few ideas to get your bento juices going. I snap these on my iPhone just before we race out of the door on scrapbook paper. 

bento ideas

The Yumbox is actually sizeable enough for an adult's portion so I tend to half fill the containers for Ollie's smaller appetite.  

There are labels on the divided sections to encourage you to control the portions of different food groups but I tend to fill them up with all sorts being mindful of one portion of protein, dairy, grains, vegetables and fruit. I love the mini sauce container in the middle but often use that for a treat. That way I limit the naughtier element like a sweet dessert to a small portion.

I steer away from chocolate or crisps in their packed lunches and have found loads of alternatives instead. It helps me not find making lunches so boring! 

bento ideas

I find fillers ideas everywhere. In the £1 shop, at the supermarket and from other Bento enthusiasts. 

Protein Ideas:

  • Slices of ham, chorizo, pepperoni, chicken, beef, corned beef, rolled up into wraps
  • Pepperami, cocktail sausages, hot dogs, little pasties (Mine love the pork ones in the chilled aisle in Sainsburys)
  • Boiled eggs

Carbohydrate Ideas:

  • Wraps, scotch pancakes, brioche buns, bagels, croissants
  • Crackers, rice cakes, I love the new Ella's Organic range of mini cracker biscuits, bread sticks, cheese straws, cereal

Fruit ideas:

  • Dried fruit bars and sticks (Humzingers are ace) Fruit hearts, fruit stars, fruit roll ups
  • Dried fruit like mayo, pineapple, apple crisps
  • All fresh fruit - blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes, strawberries, kiwi

Vegetable Ideas:

  • Beetroot crisps, carrot crisps, sweetcorn
  • Raw broccoli and cauliflower, carrot sticks, sliced peppers, cucumber, edamame beans

Dairy Ideas:

  • Cubed Edam, Cheddar, Red Leicester, soft cheese triangles
  • Squeeze or spoon a yoghurt into one of the compartments and add sprinkles as a special treat

Snack Ideas:

  • Nuts (My boys both had nuts from one and love them.) 
  • Cereal bars, carrot puff type crisps you can get in various flavours in the baby aisle of the supermarket
  • Fortune cookies, raisins, yoghurt covered seeds, granola, popcorn
Bento Ideas

I rotate ideas so none of us get bored. Sammy has even stared asking me not to show him what's inside his Yumbox as he loves the surprise!

I sometimes have to try new foods a few times before they learn to love them, but by presenting them in a creative and imaginative way they are definitely persuaded to try something different.

I'd love you to link up your ideas, there are some fab lunches and teas being shared on the internet and it would be great to inspire others to try new ways of presenting food to get our children eating more and more of what's good for them! You can search on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #bentobabies.

The best way to be inspired is to bounce ideas off each other. So help me! We will be using our Yumboxes all through the Summer holidays for snack lunches and teas and days out on adventures.

You can buy your Yumbox here. Think how much you've spent on character lunch boxes and bags. I have at least 3 or 4 that sit unloved in the kitchen cupboard after the initial love for a new craze has worn off. I love that the Yumbox is bright and cheerful rather than plastered in an in the moment favourite cartoon. Well worth the money. Plus I can borrow them too :)